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What does General Servicing consist of?


Job scope of a general servicing includes :

  • Cleaning of evaporator coil

  • Cleaning of condensate drain pan

  • Cleaning of condensate water drainage pipe

  • Cleaning of blower

  • Checking of electrical component

  • Checking of setting

  • Checking of moving parts

  • Checking of refrigerant

  • Testing of fancoil working condition e.g Coldness & Wind


No chemical will be used during general servicing. General servicing are done to prolong the time/Reduce the need for chemical service depending on factors like dust, environment etc


How do i know if i need a chemical cleaning?


If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms below, chemical cleaning is highly recommended


  • Wind speed is low even after general servicing

  • "Seaside" like sound from blower(inconsistent airflow)

  • Foul smell

  • Water leaking after general cleaning & due to choked coil/back drain

  • Not cold etc


Does condenser unit requires cleaning?


The answer is yes! Indoor FCU absorbs heat thus creating coolness while outdoor condenser does its job by rejecting heat. If your condenser doesnt reject the heat load efficiently, it will cause higher power consumption & reduced compressor life due etc.


New generation aircon have Printed circuit board(PCB) located in the condenser box. High heat accumulation within the condenser may cause threat to the PCB.


Kindly refer to the video under services->chemical cleaning to view a condenser cleaning video


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